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Here are some of the other BZ related Sites that we know of.


If you know of one that is not listed here, please click on the "Contact Us" button and let us know about it. If on the other hand you notice a link that is broken, then do let us know about that too.

Some of the sites listed have not been updated in a long time.  There is still much good info, but please bear in mind that you may not be getting the most recent information sometimes.

BattleZone Club (continued enhancement of the original BattleZone Game)  
BZ3 Genesis Website  
Blaknite101's Battlezone Zone  
First Ímeti'klo˝'s Interface  
BZ2 Public Beta Info  
New Community Project Forums  
Battlezone II Mod Development  
The Starfleet Platoon MOD  
BZ Scrap (downloads)  
Ruddy Insane Pilots Site (BZ and BattleField) Not Active  
{Com}FoxBlade fansite  
Centerline's BZ2 Fan Site  
VnB Clan Site (Not really doing BZ any more)  
B.Z.N.E.S. BattleZone II New Enhanced Shell (Time Disruptor)  
Spacecomber's FE Walkthrough (Excellent!)  

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